Our Story

Who are KodenPay?

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The Beginning

Our story starts back in 2018, whilst the founder was studying for a Masters in Business Administration in Birmingham. These studies facilitated networking with nearby companies and high street businesses who then went on to familiarise him with their chosen payment methods.

He soon learned that each and every one of the businesses that he encountered shared a common problem: payment providers charging too much on the service cost of transactions, reaching a point where they couldnʼt afford to take card payments under a fixed minimum amount.

To explore this further, he continued to network with over 100 businesses across the UK who were all in agreement on the prevalence of this issue.


Set a new standard of payment platform for both merchants and consumers.

Then he began to question the existence of alternative methods that would alleviate this struggle. However, with instant payment technology still in its development stage and not compatible with all mainstream banks, no methods he came across offered a complete solution.

Fast forward to September 2021 when the founder joined Venture Studio in Falmouth and finally began to develop a complete solution to the issue. He knew that he wanted to reduce the charges against vendor transactions but also to speed up the process for the customers.

This introduced him to the concepts of Open Banking and Fintech, which then led to the question of whether QR codes could be implemented into our solution, as well as expanding the KodenPay team with new local talents.


Build the future of digital payments - giving complete control back to the users.

Into the Future

Now, with more employees on board and aer several names, KodenPay is ready to reduce payment service costs incurred by merchants and improve the consumer experience through our carefully designed contactless payment platform with the vision of providing a secure payment platform with competitive prices and a user- friendly experience between merchants and consumers.

We aim to keep growing and expanding our systems to all those who identify with our message and invite you all to join KodenPay.